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Macomi specializes in advanced business analytics. Using an innovative, in-house built platform, we are able to cover the entire analytics landscape. We leverage business data to understand current operations, forecast the future and optimize operations. Our approach has been successfully applied in supply chain and logistics management, workforce planning and business process optimization.

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Macomi joined the InterModel EU project


Supply Chain

Imagine you are about to extend your supply chain after selecting a few new suppliers in different countries; at the same time you are extending your points of sale map to several other countries.

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Rail Infrastructure

Imagine you are designing a rail infrastructure to handle increasing cargo volumes.

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Imagine you are preparing your workforce for future trends: your goal is to prepare for upcoming technologies.

Using business analytics you can understand the present, predict the future and optimize your business accordingly. Like no other business tool, it will allow you to make the right decisions on every management level to be able to manage risks properly, increase revenues and reduce costs at all times.

How did it all start?

Macomi has its roots at Delft University of Technology and was founded in 2011. Research results from the faculty of Technology, Policy, and Management, have been successfully commercialized and have led to the development of the Prescriptive Simulation Platform.

The academic roots of Macomi have not been lost. Our team members have strong academic backgrounds and we are often part of national and European research programs. This allows us to continuously innovate and translate bright ideas into actionable solutions.

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Who are we?

Our team consists of people with a strong academic and industrial background.

Every single member of our team is highly specialized and understands both business exigencies and technological advances.



Macomi B.V.

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